WHOA! Thank you all

Wow! Thanks to all that came out and jammed with us last night. It was nice to see some old faces. We all had a great time. Now, we start writing new tunes and nail down this immense set for a show in Kirkwood on Sunday, September 16th. We’re going to play two sets of….maybe 11 songs each. We have some new songs that we haven’t played, some old songs that we’ve never played, and some songs from back in the day(waaaayyyyyy back, say mid 90′s) that need not be missed. When I get all the details, you will be updated. I’ll post the set lists….you old schoolers should be pretty excited. Thanks so much. If you missed the show last night, pop in the cd or hit us up on the music steaming sites. I know you want to listen. Oh, and a big thanks to 33 on the Needle and The Dead Records. Both really great bands that you need to check on.

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